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Gameplay Concepts

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Players utilizing the web interface will have the option of controlling a settlement as a Sovereign or serving in another Lord's settlement as a Minister. This political interaction will form the basis for these characters, though they will have similar statistics to those of Heroes allowing for direct interaction between the two. There are 5 classes of Lord advancing in 13 Ranks and 1000 Levels.


Players using interfaces will be able to run missions, own buildings, and lead Military units in the case of War. They will level up from level 1 to level 1000 and have Hit Points, Action Points, and Magic Points. There are 25 classes of Hero to choose from, each with different attributes and equipment. As heroes adventure successfully they will bring coinage, materials, and Acreage to their settlements. A single user Account can potentially manage up to 8 Hero Characters.


A settlement will be ruled over by it's Sovereign Lord, and administered by Ministers who are also lords, who have pledged Fealty to the Sovereign. Settlements grow from Hamlet to Megalopolis in 13 Ranks, in a fashion similar to that of the Lords themselves. As settlements grow, they gain additional Districts which require them to devote a certain amount of Acreage to that District. Settlements must upgrade their Main District to advance in Settlement Rank, and can choose from Optional Districts and Defensive Districts when expanding. At no time may any settlement have every type of district. Additionally as settlements grow in Rank they have more potential districts and more Lords are allowed to work there as Ministers. All of the Lords and Heroes of a particular settlement will share a forum and eventually a chat channel.


Districts allow for the establishment of Buildings, and in many cases such as the Highway or Defensive Tunnels will be a method for directly upgrading the settlement infrastructure. Establishment of a district creates more Titles for awarding to Ministers within the settlement. All Ministers are associated in some way with a settlement District, or in some cases even a specific Building. Districts have upkeep costs in addition to their acreage requirements which must be paid or all buildings in the district will suffer.


Are built only by Lords, usually the Sovereign but in some cases certain Ministers will have the power to do so. They require resources to construct and Population to operate. Buildings may be owned by the Settlement/Sovereign, by a Lord, or in some cases by Heroes. Some buildings allow the establishment of Titled Ministers. Buildings also have upkeep costs which must be paid or they will fall apart.


Is split into 3 basic social classes; Peasants, Yeoman, and Peers. These classes have separate Taxation, Housing, and Employment, and are recruited into the Military as different types of units. The population operates the various buildings and districts of the settlement, and in some cases may be equipped as Retainers.


Is categorized such that there are almost exactly 1000 total pieces of equipment. Military troops may be equipped en masse with basic equipment, such as weapons and armor, which will increase their Upkeep Cost. Every piece of equipment has an Upkeep cost. Heroes and Lords will gain access to additional slots for equipment as they advance in Level. Magic is a form of equipment, and like weapons and armor is divided into 5 major letter grades, from A being the best to E being the worst.